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Personalized, approachable expertise in web and app development, tailored just for you.

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Website Development

Ready to kickstart your digital journey or elevate your current site? Together, we'll design a site that's not just eye-catching but also lightning-fast, ensuring users glide through your content with ease. Whether it's crafting a brand-new online home or revamping an existing one, we'll create a space that perfectly mirrors your vision. And with my SEO expertise, we'll make sure your site stands tall in Google's rankings, making you impossible to overlook in the digital crowd.

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App Development

Do you have an app idea that's waiting to take off? I'm here to bring it to life across all platforms. Using cutting-edge cross-platform frameworks, I'll develop your app so it shines on both Android and iOS, not to mention a seamless web app version. This means broader reach and more impact with a single development process. Let's transform your concept into a versatile app that stands out in the app stores and captivates users everywhere.

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Branding & Digital Presence

In the digital world, your brand is your story. Let's tell it in a way that captivates and sticks. I specialize in weaving together the threads of your vision, values, and voice to create a brand identity that's not just seen but felt. From logos that speak volumes to social media strategies that engage and grow your audience, we'll set you apart in the digital landscape. Together, we'll turn your brand into an unforgettable digital experience that resonates with your audience at every touchpoint.

Seeking Something Tailored?

Dive into our Custom-Tailored Solutions designed to fit your unique challenges like a glove. Explore how we can bring your specific digital dreams to vivid life.

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For Small Businesses

Elevate your small business with a Digital Presence Overhaul. In today's fast-paced digital world, your online footprint is more than just a website—it's your brand's home. Stand out from the competition with a sleek, user-friendly website that not only looks great but also ranks higher in search results, driving more customers to your door. Let's make your digital presence work harder for you.

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For Startups

Launch your startup with confidence and impact. In today's digital-first world, a strong brand and online presence are not just assets; they're essential for standing out. Let me help you craft a digital identity that resonates with your audience and lays a solid foundation for growth. Together, we'll turn your vision into a compelling reality, ensuring your startup makes a memorable entrance in the competitive market.

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For Individuals with App Ideas

Unleash the potential of your app idea with JLogical, where your vision transforms into a digital reality. Dive into the journey of bringing your unique app concept to life, supported by an innovative marketing site and compelling branding that resonates with your audience. It's time to move beyond the idea phase—let's create something remarkable together.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Welcome to JLogical – where your ideas are brought to life. I, Jake Boychenko, am the heart, brains, and hands behind JLogical, dedicated to crafting digital experiences that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Learn moreAbout

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What My Clients Say

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Tim Rose

Founder of Sign Partner Pro

"JLogical transformed my idea into a fully functioning app that's both visually stunning and incredibly user-friendly. They were transparent every step of the way and met each milestone on time. This is why I continue to work with them currently and highly recommend their services."

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Ryan Proffitt

Founder of SafeAlone

"Jake and I worked extensively for months on my app. Besides his reasonable pricing, I think his best attribute is his reliability. I never had to wait days for responses. We met in person numerous times and had many phone conversations. I asked many questions and always got honest answers."

Let's Bring Your Ideas to Life

Take the first step towards your digital success. Contact me today and let's make something amazing together.