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Sign Partner Pro: AR-Driven Signage Innovation

Introducing Sign Partner Pro, a groundbreaking suite of mobile applications designed to transform the sign industry. With Sign Partner Pro Lite, visualize signs in augmented reality, explore sign details, and effortlessly request quotes, right from your smartphone. The comprehensive Pro version empowers sign businesses with robust project management tools, from tracking and location mapping to personnel management and dynamic content creation for LED displays. Experience seamless project flow and enhanced client engagement with Sign Partner Pro.

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SafeAlone: Elevating Safety with Smart Tech

Elevating personal safety with innovation, SafeAlone is a beacon of security in the digital age. Developed to keep users connected and secure, this app stands out with its "Alert Mode," providing peace of mind to over 1,500 users and earning acclaim on local news. Experience technology tailored for real-world impact, crafted to enhance safety with simplicity and efficiency.

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Valet Budget: Budgeting Reimagined

Valet revolutionizes personal finance with intuitive, automated budgeting. This app simplifies financial planning by turning complex budget allocation into an easy process with customizable envelopes, cloud synchronization, and spending analysis. Designed for individuals and soon for collaborative use, Valet demonstrates JLogical's dedication to innovative, user-centric solutions.

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